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The basic features of IQ Store ® include all necessary functionalities of a web store. Additionally, we are pleased to add customer specific functionalities to the standard platform according to your specific business needs.

Customer registration

You can either choose to have an open web shop with the same prices for all customers or have customer-specific prices. IQ Store enables you to have different prices for different customer segments.


Ordering is made by selecting the desired items to the shopping cart. IQ Store has sophisticated product demonstration/identification features including product information sheets, high resolution pictures of the products and links to associated product sites. After selecting the desired items to the shopping cart, customers can select the preferred payment option and place their orders.


IQ Store web stores includes the following payment options:

On-line banks

Credit cards (Visa & MasterCard)

Cash on delivery

Invoice (for registered customers)

Extra sales functionality

IQ Store contains sophisticated extra functionalities to help customers to find the desired product:



New products

Most sold products

Visitor calculator

Customer specific functionalities

IQ Store is designed so that it can be extended to cover functionalities based on your specific needs.

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Management of the store is done via an easy-to-use web interface.

The user interface contains the following functionalities:

Handling of the sales orders

Adding/modifying the product groups and products

Pricing, which contains also discounts (percentage or fixed sum)

Sales reports

IQ Store perusominaisuudet Kauppapaikan hallinta

ComIQ pays special attention to the graphical layout of the web store. Our service include the graphical design of the web store and we use highly skilled professionals to customise the lay-out to meet our customers' specific needs.

The design can either follow the customer's existing company design or it can be re-designed according to the chosen style.

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IQ Store runs on ComIQ's server meaning that you don't need to invest in hardware or utility programs. IQ Store utilizes state of the art virus protection, firewalls and back-ups to afford highest possible security. If the web store solution is considered a critical system, ComIQ can offer hosting services with extremely high performance levels.

More information about our hosting services

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The open interface of IQ Store enables the integration of IQ Store to your existing IT solutions and back office systems.

More information about integrations to other systems

IQ Store perusominaisuudet Kauppapaikan hallinta

IQ Store is delivered as a turnkey -solution, so that the implementation is made as easy as possible for you. The implementation starts with an agreed project plan, where all the needed activities and responsibilities are listed and scheduled.

The most significant factor affecting the overall schedule, is collecting and modifying the product information before importing it to IQ Store.

The main activities of the implementation phase are:

Specification of the desired functionality

Specification of the graphic design

Bringing all product information into a single format and importing it to IQ Store

Linking the product pictures to products

Implementation of the web store

Acceptance of the web store

Continuous support